Monster Bully Kennels Announces National Fund Raising Campaign to Give Back to Shelters, Rescues, and K9 Foundations.

Today, MBK would like to announce an incredible program focused on giving back to the various shelters, rescues and different organizations around the United States that focus on the well-being of animals in our society.  MBK recognizes that there is a place in this world where breeders and various organizations can co-exist and help one-another make this world a better place for our animals who cannot speak for themselves.

Starting immediately, Monster Bully Kennels pledges to donate a large portion of our profits to these various organizations.  When you buy a puppy or purchase a stud credit from MBK, you can feel good knowing that a portion of those proceeds will be donated back to the groups that need it.

In staying with our tradition of being 100% transparent, Monster Bully Kennels will keep and publish full records of our donations.  You will be able to see EXACTLY where these donations are going.  Each year, Monster Bully Kennels will hire a 3rd-party company to verify our donations and certify that what we say is what we are doing.

Our next step is to list a small handful of organizations that we want to donate to.  We are always welcome to hearing from the community about organizations that you feel are deserving.

Starting Immediately, Monster Bully Kennels is proud to announce that we have made a $10,000 donation to the Midwest Animal ResQ located in Raytown, MO.  This rescue group is lead by Erin Moorse and her AMAZING team.  We got to experience first-hand the incredible work they do, and we are proud to have them as our first official recipient for the “MBK Giving Back” program.

Check back for more information as we continue to grow this program into something that ALL can be proud of.

Ryan Guard and the Rest of the MBK Team