03/05/2022:  Starting immediately, Monster Bully Kennels is proud to announce that we have made several changes that will better serve our community throughout the entirety of the United States.  We hope that this serves an example for other good breeders to also step up and do their part.



02/20/2022: The Omen is now 1 year old, and it's time to show you all this incredible Morpheus son. Clean, correct, functional. 100% DNA Embark cleared, OFA prelims done, and has already gone to his first show and has gotten points towards his champion status.

I want to thank Chris at @mando_cashiskingbullies for this incredible collab we did together. Since day 1, we knew this boy was special... But I didn't know he was going to be THIS special.

The Omen is now open for stud, but he isn't cheap.  We have BIG plans for this boy.  He is 100% DNA cleared, OFA heart, hearing, eyes.  Elbows and prelim hips have also been done.

This boy has to be one of the most handsome dogs we've ever laid eyes on, and we cannot wait to see what he produces.


02/12/2022:  MBK's Checkmate FTW!!! I would like to thank Zach Williams for showing Checkmate at his very first show tonight! Checkmate did a great job, and ended up winning "Best in Class", "Best Male", "Best Overall" and "Best of Winners"! He also won "Best Breed Type" and "Most Unique" in the fun classes!

MBK is dedicated to making MBK's Checkmate a champion, so we have decided to travel to as many shows as possible. We think this is the best opportunity for others to see just how special this boy is.

I would also like to say congrats to Michael Martyniuk from MBK's Rose City for winning "Best in Class" and "Best Female" with his King Louii x Trudy daughter, Harley! Go #TeamMBK!

What a great night filled with fun times with a lot of great people. We will be at the show tomorrow if anyone wants to come hang out!


01/28/2022:  Adding a franchise to the MBK team is no easy task.  We need to find people who not only have great dogs, but that also have the same ethic and moral standards as we do.  We are not like any other kennel, so we are very picky with who we add to our team.

With that being said, we are happy to introduce MBK Rose City to the team! Mike and Sasha have 2 incredible daughters and a boy on the way, along with some incredible dogs/puppies.

We got to know Mike and Sasha over the years, and we know they will be an incredible fit within our family atmosphere. Morals, ethics and the drive to be team players is what we look for, and they check all of the boxes and more.

They only live about an hour away from us here in Portland, OR as well!

Please follow them and say hello!



03/01/2021:  Monster Bully Kennels is proud to announce our "Mommy Adoption Program" - Starting immediately, you can apply to adopt one of our amazing retired females!  These mommas live the absolute best life possible while with us, but what happens after they are retired?  We want them to go to the best possible lives.  MBK feels we owe them the best life possible, especially after everything they do for us.

Each female will be up to date on all vaccinations and will have a full health check before being offered for adoption.  Each female will be fixed, NO EXCEPTIONS.  These females are retired, and will live the rest of their lives living the best retired life as possible.

In another first, Monster Bully Kennels will provide you with a $500.00 gift certificate to so you can make sure your new best friend has the best comforts: Bed, food, toys and more.

We have nothing but upmost respect for our female mommies, and will be asking everyone to fill out a survey, along with being asked to sign a strict contract.  There will also be a simple background check to ensure that this is the best fit possible.

Interested?  Click here to get your name on the list!


10/21/2020: Temperament and health is Monster Bully Kennel's #1 priority.  We take this very seriously, and have been making steps to ensure that the dogs we have are as healthy as possible.  In a continued effort to achieve this goal, MBK has made a few steps already, and are taking some steps that we will be taking in the future.

First of all, Monster Bully Kennels has now DNA tested every dog we own.  This was our first phase in health testing.  Whether that be our main head quarters, or the chapters that belong to MBK, every single dog has now been tested.  DNA testing allows us to see what kind of genetic traits our dogs may carry, for better or for worse.  We believe this is a vital step to ensure that we do not pass down unforeseen diseases.  The DNA testing we use tracks 190 different genetic health risks, and allows us to be proactive when it comes to genetic health.

With our first phase of health testing being finished, we have now moved to OFA testing.  We will first focus on cardiac, hip and elbow testing.  This is not a cheap or fast process, especially with COVID happening right now.  But MBK is committed to getting it done, and it has been started.  We appreciate and respect some of the kennels who have been doing this, and who have paved the way for kennels like us to also participate.  We believe this is an important step, and look forward to breeding nothing but the most healthiest dogs possible for you and your family.


09/21/2020: Monster Bully Kennels announces their 4th official franchisee!

We couldn't be more happy to have Steve and Danielle Rehrer as part of the MBK team.  This is something that both sides worked hard on, and we know that this is going to be a great addition.  They are now officially known as "MBK East", and they reside in central Pennsylvania.

Formally known as "Hillside Bullies", Steve and Danielle have done an amazing job of carefully selecting amazing dogs to be a part of their program along with creating a state of the art kennel facility on their 27 acre farm.

While speaking with the Rehrer's about possibly becoming a part of the MBK family, we knew right away that they would be a great fit.  Their commitment to ethical breeding, customer service and providing the best experience for their customer's let us know that they had the same mentality and mindset as we do here at MBK.

Currently, they own beautiful 4 females and 1 amazing stud.  They plan on expanding their yard, and we couldn't be more happy to introduce those dogs to all of you.  They have a great mix of tri's and merles, along with some amazing pedigrees to back up their vision.

Please welcome our newest members to the team!  We couldn't be more excited!


05/31/2020: Monster Bully Kennels announces their 3rd official franchisee!

Please welcome Cory Jones to the MBK team!  Cory will be known as MBK Northwest, and brings many years of breeding experience to the table.

Cory started breeding back in 2005, and focused mainly on the APBT.  With a focus on genetics and the science behind breedings, Cory brings a lot of education to the Monster Bully Kennels team.

His passion for the American Bully breed and all dogs in general is infectious.  The minute you meet Cory, you will realize that he eats, drinks and sleeps dogs.  Cory's passion goes beyond just breeding, with a focus on educating people on the breed and informing those who will listen about the beauty of these dogs.  With 1 person at a time, he is hoping to change the stigma that is associated with the bully breeds.

Cory now resides in northern Washington state, is married and has 5 children.

We are excited to have Cory as part of the MBK team.  We feel Cory will fit right in to our family atmosphere, and understands the vision that we hold.  Currently, Cory has 3 females dogs who will be bred to our large stock of studs.  Look to our social media pages for more info!


05/03/2020: MBK wins again!  TSE Lives first ever XL Stack Off, hosted by world-famous FW Speilberg went down in the history books!

The top 32 XL's in the world were invited to compete against each other.  Luckily, MBK had 2 studs who were invited:  King Louii and Morpheus.

Each dog went up against great competition from some of the very best kennels in the world.  But when all of the smoke cleared, it was down to 2 of the best dogs going head to head... and we couldn't have been happier!  Both King Louii AND Morpheus made it to the grand finals!  That means that both of these amazing studs beat everyone they faced!  And now they faced each other to become the best of the best.

This stack off meant a lot to MBK, because this event was voted on by the public, other kennels, and whoever else was watching.  Being judged by your peers means a lot, and we are so honored and thankful for everyone voting our boys to the top.

But when it all came to an end, Morpheus ended up taking the crown, beating King Louii in a close 54% to 46%!

04/19/2020: MBK sells a dog to Shia LaBeouf and Mia Goth!  All I can say is that Shia and Mia are wonderful people, and we are so grateful and honored to have done this for them.

03/15/2020:  Monster Bully Kennels is happy to announce our second franchisee!  With a continued vision on expanding our kennel across the world with the best dogs possible, we've hand-selected who we think will be a perfect fit for us moving forward.

Please meet the power-team of Morey and Bonnie, based out of Texas, USA.

Morey and Bonnie are huge dog enthusiasts that reside in Forney, Texas and own a successful HVAC business. <P>
It is their strong passion for dogs and 20 years of breeding experience of many different breeds that led them both to venture into the American Bully world two years ago.<P>
They are well known in the bully community and have gained so much knowledge, expertise and relationships along the way. They also built a state of the art facility on their property to be able to provide a luxurious and safe environment for all of their dogs.<P>

Over the past couple of years, Morey and Bonnie have invested a lot of money into some beautiful dogs.  Including their popular male stud, Daxx, who is a beautiful 140+ pound blue tri male.  Their tri merle, Nevaeh is currently 8 months old, and we expect nothing but perfection from her!

We couldn't be more happy to add Morey and Bonnie to the team!  They will now be known as MBK South.  Keep an eye out for upcoming breedings!


11/09/2019: Once again, King Louii proved why he is considered to be the nicest XL Bully in the world.

The BRC West Coast Nationals were this weekend, and Louii won "Best XL Bully" in not 1, but BOTH shows.  King Louii went up against some of the nicest XL's the world has to offer.  It was a very stiff competition, but King Louii was able to show the world what he is made of.

One judge said "This boy is the nicest XL I have ever put my hands on." - Which was a huge compliment!

We feel it is important to back up your claims by going to shows and competing against the best of the best.  And although every dog has its day, King Louii continues to have "his day" over and over.

We were proud and honored to go up against a couple of dogs that we would like to mention:  First up was Louii's son, Ra.  Ra is owned by GAB Kennels.  Ra is something special already at such a young age, and we cannot wait to see what he becomes within the next year.  Next up was Louii's sister, Judge Judy who is owned by Pacific NW Bullies.  Judge Judy is an amazing specimen, and was a VERY close competition going up against her big brother.  At the end of the day, King Louii prevailed.

What an honor, as this weekend will be cherished for the rest of our lives.


10/18/2019: Monster Bully Kennels is happy to announce that we have acquired the nicest XL tri merle in the world, Morpheus!  This boy is only 16 months old, but has taken the game by storm with his beautiful head-piece, unbelievably chiseled physique and amazing bone structure.

Morpheus will become one of our staple studs, and will eventually be an in-house stud only.  If you want to use Morpheus, now is the time to put down a deposit.  Because pretty soon, you won't have a chance to use him.

Read more about the acquisition here.


08/24/2019: Only 2 months after becoming a dual champion, Louii has now achieved the VERY illustrious TRIPLE champion status.

King Louii went up against some of the very best dogs in the latest BRC show hosted in Graham, WA.

He won many awards, and ended up becoming a champion when it was all said and done.

Shown by Elquinzie with GamePlan Bullies, Louii was a force to be reckoned with.  Before the day started, judges were commenting on how impressive King Louii was, and how the stories they have heard were all true.  A boy this size with a structure unlike anything they had seen for years.

We are so proud of our boy!


06/23/2019: We would like to introduce you to DUAL Champion King Louii.  King Louii killed it at the local ABKC show this past weekend, taking 4 for 4 in all of the shows.  With that, he is now an ABKC Champion, along with his previous UKC champion title.

King Louii is 1 win away from becoming a BRC champion.


06/01/2019: CH King Louii won his 2nd "Best in Show" award at the local BRC show in Estacada, OR.  This is the highest award granted, and we couldn't be more proud.  We would like to thank Tina Karbonski and Elquinzie Scott for showing Louii at the local shows.  Absolutely AMAZING!


12/11/2018:  Becoming a successful dog breeder is no easy task. You must always stay on point, believe in your vision, and be able to re-invest in yourself and your program. But there are limitations when it comes to what someone can do in a single day. Monster Bully Kennels started as a small operation that has now grown to become one of the largest XL American Bully Kennels. We are very particular with who we breed with outside of our kennel, but always looking to improve in every aspect. We are also picky with who we associate ourselves with. We want to work with good, honest, hard-working people. We want to provide you with the best dogs possible for you and for your family. We understand the responsibility that comes with being a reputable breeder. With all of that being said, we can only reasonably expand by having more people to take care of the responsibilities. This is where GamePlan Bullies comes into play...

GPB is owned and operated by a good friend of ours, Elquinzie Scott. Elquinzie is known to be one of the best breeders in pockets and frenchies. His attention to detail in his breedings, his over-all vision and determination has made him very successful. So when Elquinzie mentioned that he may want to get in the XL game, it all made sense. We should partner up in a way that still allowed us to do our own thing, but combine our knowledge, determination and resources to expand upon a vision that we both have for the XL American Bully. Elquinzie is an awesome breeder, and we couldn't be more excited to partner up and work together on certain in-house breedings that will blow you away.

Make sure to check out his website at:


12/07/2018:  The King has done it again!  MBK's CH King Louii is on the latest cover for the Bully Worldwide magazine!  With the title saying "The King Has Arrived", King Louii is being recognized for his amazing looks and structure.  There is a full page interview in the magazine where we talk about King Louii and much more.

We would like to thank BWW Magazine for featuring King Louii.  There is also an exclusive interview with Ryan, owner of MBK.  Oh yeah, and remember how Queen Karma won the Bully Queen contest?  There is an article about her in there as well.  We are doing big things over here at Monster Bully Kennels!


11/25/2018: Monster Bully Kennels will always invest in ourselves, our dogs and our program.  We believe that we have the best dogs, and we continue to invest to make sure that stays true moving forward.

With that being said, we would like to introduce you to the newest member of our pack, Trudy!  Trudy has a very special place in our hearts, as she was named after our Grandmother who recently passed.  She is a beautiful lilac tri female who will compliment our yard perfectly.  She is exactly what we were looking for when we decided to add another member to our family.


MBK is proud to announce that The One Bad Bitch, Queen Karma recently won the Bully WorldWide "Queen Bully" contest.  This was an online contest where thousands of people voted for the best female American Bully dog.  Competing against the very best of the best, Queen Karma ended up winning it all!  We couldn't be more proud!

We believe that Queen Karma is the best representation of the XL American Bully.  With a perfect structure, size, muscle tone and color; Karma is something special.

We would like to publicly thank Bully WorldWide for putting on these contests for the community.  Without them, we wouldn't be able to definitively say who is the best of the best.  Now we know... It's The One Bad Bitch, Queen Karma.


Once again, MBK entered a contest that was being held by Bully WorldWide and won it all!  This contest was to pick their new 2019 mascot for their Instagram account.  With thousands of people voting, MBK's CH King Louii won it all by gathering the most votes from the community.

BWW has over 340,000 followers, and we couldn't be more proud and honored to be featured on their Instagram page for the full year of 2019.

We are very proud of our boy, CH King Louii - He has a unique muscular structure and eyes that look like they can see your soul.  Every where that CH King Louii goes, he demands attention.  That's what MBK is all about:  Producing near-perfect dogs that people WANT to talk to you about.