Being a breeder, we get asked about the "adopt, don't shop" mentality quite often.  While we agree that there are MANY beautiful animals that are in need at your local shelters, we also believe that there are certain people that would benefit more from buying directly from a breeder.  And because of this, we believe the puppy or dog is also going to a better environment where it will have a higher chance of successfully becoming a permanent member of your family.

It is pretty easy to see why you would want to look at your local shelter first.  There are many GOOD dogs that are looking for a loving, caring home which I am sure you can provide.  Those dogs have been abandoned for one reason or another, and now they need a new family to take care of them.  But why was the dog abandoned in the first place?  You can't ever REALLY know, can you?  The shelter will do everything in their power to make sure that dog is tested in regards to its temperament.  But no dog is 100% predictable when it comes to your home, in a new environment.


We used to adopt ALL of our dogs.  In fact, we still have 2 of those dogs with us today, Ruby and Chica - A black lab and a chihuahua... Evil little thing!  But one dog that we adopted turned out to be a horrible situation for us.  The dog seemed perfect for our family, it was deemed as being very good around kids and animals.  We brought our dog to the shelter for them to meet, along with our daughter.  Everything seemed great, and so we decided to bring her home with us.  Everything was going well until about 2 weeks after we got her home.  We never saw any signs of aggression or anything that would make us think that she would be a danger to our family.  Unfortunately, without warning, she got VERY aggressive with our 6 year old daughter, and cornered her in her room and was growling and drooling from the mouth while staring directly at my daughter.  My wife heard the commotion, and came around the corner to see what looked like a dog about to attack her daughter.  My wife got between the dog and out daughter, and got the dog out of the room.  This was a VERY scary situation, and my wife was not willing to put our daughter's life at risk for the sake of rescuing an animal.  We unfortunately had to return her to the shelter.  When we came back a few days later, she was still there, but had a small sign that said she was "not recommended in a home with small children".  There were no other warning signs or indications on what she had done a few days earlier, even though they were notified by us.


  • EXPERT GUIDANCE:  MBK prides ourselves on our knowledge of the American Bully breed.  We have spent a lot of time educating our customers on the pros and cons, along with matching them up with the perfect puppy for their situation. MBK wants to make sure that the puppy goes not only to a good home, but to a home that will fit your lifestyle.  We will never pressure you into buying a puppy, especially if we don't think it would be a good fit.

  • SAFETY:  Do not take this the wrong way... We do not feel that all shelter dogs are bad.  But whether you want to admit it or not, they are a larger liability.  There is SOME reason why that dog is not living with its original family.  And although it may literally have nothing to do with the dogs behavior, no one really knows except for the previous owner.  There are many stories and examples of shelter dogs attacking a small family member or another pet.  When you buy a puppy from MBK, you are getting not only a puppy that came from a matched up pedigree that focuses on temperament, but you are getting a puppy that you can train and raise yourself.  We love shelter dogs, but you must weigh the risks involved, especially when you are dealing with large, strong dogs.

  • GOOD EXAMPLE OF THE BREED: If you are looking for a 'breed standard', then look no further than MBK.  You've come here because you know what you want.  You've probably already seen our dogs, and have noticed that although our dogs come in different colors and such, they all have a certain look to them.  There is no shame in you getting the dog that you want.

  • HISTORY: MBK spends hours upon hours researching pedigrees.  We make sure that our dogs match up in the best ways possible to offer you the most healthy puppies that are a good representation of the breed.

  • HEALTH GUARANTEE:  MBK offers the best guarantee in the business.  We can do this because we are confident that our research and knowledge will produce the most healthy puppies money can buy.  This is not something you can get from a shelter rescue.

  • LIFETIME SUPPORT:  When you buy a puppy from MBK, you become a family member.  We've been called at all hours of the night for the most random questions and concerns.  The most recent call was from a concerned owner who found out their puppy had swallowed a sock at 2:30AM.  She had called her emergency vet, and they told her it would be no less than $800.00 for her to bring the puppy in and for them to look at it.  She called me to see if I had any advice.  I simply told her to give the puppy 1 teaspoon of Hydrogen Peroxide.  This causes the puppy to throw up, which it ended up doing.  This saved our client not only a lot of money, but a lot of hassle and stress.  Within 10 minutes of calling us, her situation was handled, and she was relieved.  This is just a small example of what you can expect from MBK.

  • MBK FAMILY:  We have a private group that was made specifically for all of our previous clients.  This allows each client to talk with each other to share stories, questions, concerns, etc.  They share photos, videos and ask a ton of questions between themselves.  They also have the opportunity to see other puppies from the same litter grow up.  You will gain friends for life, and share amazing stories and see amazing things.  I believe we are the only breeder who does this.  We have nothing to hide, so we don't mind that our clients connect with each other.  You become family!

  • YOUR PUPPY WILL ALWAYS HAVE A HOME:  When you purchase a puppy from MBK, you are required to sign a contract.  Although the contract is simple, it protects you, MBK and the puppy.  One of the terms of the contract states that if you need to surrender your dog for ANY reason, you must call MBK first and offer the dog back to us.  We do this because we are doing everything we can to avoid having that dog go to a shelter.  We have an extensive network of people who we could easily utilize to find that dog a good home.  Again, you won't find that from a shelter.