Starting immediately, Monster Bully Kennels is proud to announce that we have made several changes that will better serve our community throughout the entirety of the United States.  We hope that this serves an example for other good breeders to also step up and do their part.

Starting immediately:

  1. Every puppy sold will come microchipped with our information and the buyer’s information. This will ensure that any puppy that is lost, stolen or surrendered will be found with our contact information.  This will allow us to claim the dog at any point, and recover him/her.  If this happens, then we will rescue the dog and find it a great pet-life home.  We owe it to these puppies and dogs to be there for their whole life.

  2. Monster Bully Kennels and each of its chapters will be introducing ourselves to our local shelters. We will volunteer our time, money and supplies to these shelters.  We will work closely with other dog-related local charities and fundraisers.

  3. Monster Bully Kennels will team up with national dog rescue groups and other dog-related organizations and will pledge a substantial percentage of ALL puppy sales to these groups. The first organization that we would like to include is the Midwest Animal ResQ located in Raytown, MO.  We will be reviewing others in the near future, and will announce when we add them to the program.

  4. We have modified our contract to highlight our health guarantee, buy-back program, and our 15-day money back guarantee for any puppy sold. It is our mission to be there for our puppies their whole life.  We believe we give the best options to our buyers when it comes to any situations where they cannot continue taking care of their MBK dog.

We will continue to update our “MBK GIVES BACK” program with more policies, and we would love to hear from the community on what we can do to help improve not only MBK dog’s lives, but all dogs around the country.